Caylus update v1.1 now available! Sale started!

After a really, really long time (sorry for that, guys) Caylus update is finally available. AI will no longer cheat, you’ll be able to switch between Castle and Map view and if you own the New iPad with Retina Display with this update you’ll see how great Caylus looks on this device (yep, all graphics have been redone).

Here’s a full list of new features and fixes available in this version:

  • Retina iPad support
  • private games with GameCenter
  • online lobby chat
  • minor improvements UI
  • added toggle Castle view button
  • minimum zoom scale changed
  • AI no longer cheats
  • game no longer hangs up when having a lot of resources

As always with an update comes a sale! You can get all our games cheaper and save even $15 total!

And if you happen to be a Neuroshima Hex player here’s another good news for you – we just added to new armies! Learn more about them on official Neuroshima Hex for iOS website.

31 Responses to Caylus update v1.1 now available! Sale started!

  1. “AI no longer cheats”


  2. AI had a bug which allowed it to pay less than needed for building the Castle. It plays alright now :)

  3. Great game, thank you!
    In the last board game edition (the one portrayed in the app) which i physically own, the lawyer gives 3 VP not 4.
    Is it normal that the app just quits the moment the last player’s final score is calculated ??

  4. Hi,
    Although I defeated all AI, even all of them in 2player mode, I don’t get the achievement. Is it broken?

  5. Love the new version, but I hit a bug tonight playing multiplayer. It was rig before the first scoring round and I was selecting between wood and food on a building and the graphic on the right panel was cropped and did not show the choice, I had the arrows to make the choice, but could not see what I was choosing. After I clicked the check, the game crashed and now every time I try to resume that multiplayer game it crashes. I hope you can fix this in the next version.

  6. Nick, we’re aware of this bug, but it’s really hard to find. We’ll keep looking and update once we’ll be able to fix it.

  7. Oh, btw Nick, if you ever encounter this bug, don’t choose anything (don’t tap accept), just restart your app and this situation should not happen after resuming your game (online or offline).

  8. I have greatly enjoyed the game, but lately can’t complete a victorious game without crashing at the final scoring. If I lose, final scoring completes without incident. I’ve got smple memory free, and have reinstalled the app.

  9. Hi,
    I hope you did not miss my lost question about the “pillars” achievement. is it broken, or am I doing something wrong?
    I am playing my first online game that it is been ongoing for three weeks now. is it possible to include some kind of time counter in a future update (you know, like the one featured in a very popular iOS card game)? also very helpful would be some kind of log, to see what the other players have done, while I was off-line.
    Anyway, thank you so much for all your games, I love them. looking so forward for the next games, any update for dates by now ;) ? Thanks for the continuous updates and support.

  10. Why will it not let me download the update, i now cant play the first version either. Grrrrrrrrrrr

  11. Hi, there are a bug in online game. Playing two when I took the stone to the application is closed.
    Thank you.
    Luca (Italy)

  12. It seems to always crash after final scoring both playing on iPhone and iPad, what gives?

  13. Ever since I upgraded my iPad (the third model) to IOS 6, the game crashes just before showings final score. Every time.

  14. Matt, we’ll have a look and fix it!

  15. No sale here in europe, i must pay 3.99€ instead of 2.99bucks, which equivalent 2.40€, fix this discrimination!

  16. No sale here in europe, i must pay 3.99€ instead of 2.99bucks, which equivalent 2.40€, fix this discrimination!

  17. So it always crashes before the final score… I never, never got to finish a game without a crash, so I never finished a game.

    I tried with 3 players (2 AIs) and 4… I have an ipad 2. I’m very disappointed and it’s specially annoying because it happens with 15-20 of play.

  18. Rafael, we’re still looking for this bug, but it only happens on some devices and we weren’t able to reproduce it.

  19. Thanks! I tried to install the game on my wife’s iPad. First thing I noticed is that on my (crashing) iPad, there wasn’t the GameCenter login message.

    So I tried to open the game thru the GameCenter app and the login message appeared. I finished a game and it didn’t crashed!!

    So I don’t know if the bug is related to GameCenter. I sure hope that the game doesn’t crash again. Hope that helps!

  20. I’ve got the final score crash as well (iPod Touch 4, iOS 5.1.1). I can reload the game, but it immediately goes to final scoring and crashes again.

    Happens every time, haven’t actually finished a game yet.

  21. Francois Huard says:

    There is a bug in the favours. I am sometimes unable to get building favors even though I meet all conditions (bailif far enough, previous steps acquired, not used this turn, and enough ressources). This happened for example with the lawyer when i was using the joust field.

  22. sirgalahad, do you tried to open the GameCenter app, select Caylus and then click on “play”? It worked for me.

  23. Gordon Howell says:

    Brilliant game and very robust. Just tripped across the first bug in many playings (iPad 3, caylus v 1.1.0). At architect with 2 stone and a gold in my inventory (sufficient for statue) with a residence built I am told “can’t afford to build a prestige building”. Happy to email a screen shot clearly demonstrating the situation. Thanks.

  24. Please make it turn base with game-centre alert.
    Just like Puerto Rico or LeHavre.

    Multiplayer Internet game no need everyone connected always to the game

  25. I am also experiencing a bug with the building favors. Even though my token ws on the wooden one “None” was the selectable favor instead of stone.

  26. Now that Eclipse is out will this game get the bug fixes it deserves? This game has so much potential to be very good I couldn’t even get a multi-player game going with my friends.

  27. I love this game but for some reason I can’t get back into my Internet game.
    It keeps telling both my friend and I that we’re “disconnected from the server”
    But there is nothing wrong with our Internet connections.

  28. Mistervink says:

    Hey guys,
    Any luck finding the bug where the game crashes and exits?

    Thanks in advance,
    The game is great!

  29. The game crashes in private internet game have not been able to complete a game yet. Crashes no matter who host, both my wife and I purchased the game on our ipads to play each other . Very frustrated can’t play the game together. Not very happy we are not interested in playing with the AI. Please fix this.

  30. The game is unusable because it tends to crash at some point during online games, so you are no longer able to continue the game. Very unfortunate for a game that isnt free …

  31. The game finishes before the castle fully built :-/

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