Caylus official announcement

It’s been only a day since Caylus premiere and it’s already in top 10 board games in almost every App  Store. Thank you very much for your support!

What’s less fortunate is there is few bugs that became apparent after the premiere.

First thing is the iTunes showing that this game is translated to many different languages. But it’s not. iTunes build-in logic did a bit too much work and misinterpreted the package we’ve sent for approval. We will try to fix this in the upcoming update.

Another problems is game crashing due to low memory. This happens mostly on first generation iPads and is connected with iOS 5.0 using much more memory than it’s previous version. A temporal workaround is quite easy and you are advised to try it. Please reboot your devices (hold down the lock button, the slide to power off and power on the device again) and start the app again. It should work without any problems for much longer.

Last common problem is the app crashing due to an AI making an invalid move. This is something we’re fixing right now and will also disappear after the next update.

Once again, thank you for your feedback and support. It’s what keeps us doing the things we really love to do. We hope that you’ll enjoy Caylus even more after these problems will be fixed.

The update will be send to Apple next week.

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  2. Tim "Lord Gek" Jordan says:

    Are there any plans for some sort of single player vs. AI stats? Like win/loss ratios and the like?

  3. I’m mostly disappointed about the online mode. I want to play against my game center friends, but this game doesn’t let me. :(

  4. I agree with darkpact, the whole game lobby thing doesn’t really work for starting games with friends. All my friends are rarely using their iPads all at the same time, it makes more sense to invite everyone and they accept at their leisure and the game starts once everyone has accepted. ALA pretty much every other asyncronous multiplayer boardgame app on the app store.

  5. Phillip Wells says:

    Agree with darkpact on the multiplayer. I don’t think Game Center’s async multiplayer is the best option due to lack of chat and an indication of when the other player is online – I think Carcassonne remains the best example of how to do async multiplayer. However Caylus needs to make it much easier to start private games with friends.

  6. King Biscuit III says:

    I love Caylus – but, like everyone else, I have suggestions.

    1. It would be nice to be able to touch a built building and get a description of what the building is and does. (See iOS version of Puerto Rico’s question mark “?”)
    2. I would love a full glossary of all of the buildings and functions in the rules section.
    3. Expand the rules.
    4. Though I have figured out most of the game mechanics and have won a novice level game, a tutorial whether video or step by step of what to do would have been nice (see Puerto Rico).

  7. Agreed with all above. The game is awesome, but the multiplayer definitely needs a little work. Three things would make it excellent:

    1. The ability to play with friends (GC or otherwise).

    2. Better notification of when it is your turn in a game. Currently we get iOS notifications but once you log in to the game and see the list of games, you can’t tell on that screen which games are waiting for you to make a move.

    3. The ability to play non-async games. Async is always welcome, but I’d love to be able to play games against random opponents from start to finish on occasion.

    TL;DR – do it like Carcassonne. :) It does all of the above, which is why it’s the current pinnacle of iOS board gaming at the moment.

  8. I had a situation where a friend logged in on my phone to view an online game. Now their user is on my player list and I can’t dind a way to delete it.

    Agreed on friend invites, more informative notifications, and an option to tap or hold on a building for an explanation. Also sometimes when I drag a worker to a building it doesn’t always go to the place I expect it.

  9. Oh yeah, and it really eats up battery like crazy. I remember carcassonne doing the same when it came out but they did an update to ease the memory/processor load or something that made battery life much better. Definitely worth checking into.

    Great game and great app!

  10. Hi! Thanks for the amazing game ! It is just superb !

    BUG REPORT: When a player activates “The door” and choose to put his worker on the castle, It becomes invisible for other players. The game shows that the player has one “guy in hand” and it doesnt show anything on the castle.

    By the way, an AMAZING feature in the game would be to see “who’s on the castle” when choosing how much you want to build there.

    Thanks again for the game, it is neat, clear, and amazing.

  11. Hi! Will there be a german translation in the next update, which will be sent to Apple next week?

  12. Topolino, not in the next one, but this is planned in the future!

  13. Love the game. I will come back with suggestions but first want to report a small bug. I had it twice already, I make sure the AI player in the castle doesn’t get a third ressource type, with the help of the provost, but nevertheless it manages to build, get the vp’s and the favour !

  14. Does anyone has similar case as me? I’m iphone4 user using IOS5. When I used the gate and when the system tell me to relocate the worker to other place, it just could not work out. Is it the bug and would be fixed in next update?!

  15. Stephen, I don’t understand, that’s how the Gate works. When activated, you get the worker standing at the Gate and you can relocate him to any unoccupied building for free (which basically let’s you take the last place at the Castle).
    Fnor31, sounds as a bug. We’ll have a look.

  16. Hello, I like the game very much. Awesome! BUT:

    I love to see the whole board and why ain’t there an Undo-Button?

    I wanted to play against my wife, who also possess an Ipad but I can only make one profile. How can I transform an AL player into the profile of a second player? It is possible in games as Medici and Carcassonne!
    I also agree with the other guys above about the “complaints”. So hurry in making an update because it is a really great game! My compliments!
    Could You give me as quickly as possible the answers to my questions? Thanks and have a nice weekend!

  17. Pilon, if you want to play in pass & play mode you can add more players in main menu. Tap Start new game, then tap Add new player.

    If you have 2 iPads, you can play online. Tap Internet game from one iPad, create a game and join using the other one.

  18. Boardgamemuse says:

    This app is outstanding. Thanks for the superb graphics, perfectly suited sound and excellent gameplay both in single player and multiplayer mode. I know that you folks are committed to improvement of the app for the best experience we can have. We look forward to sharing this app with our friends. BRAVO and cheers to the future !

  19. Thanks booster, that’s a clear answer! When can we expect an update with all the remarks above?

  20. We’ve sent it on Friday, Pilon. So probably before Wednesday.

  21. First of all great app, I will be recommending to all my friends once the crash bug has been fixed but this is a tremendous first release. I do have a few suggestions though:

    1. I’d like a better to way to see how many have been built in the castle by other players in the current turn. I think it would be better to fill the castle like you would in a real game (last built goes at end, not by color) and perhaps a shading that shows the batches built in this round.
    2. Also, I’d like to be able to get back to the game board during castle builds, the privilege screen and even at game end. It makes deciding what resources to use and what to build via privilege a little easier and it’s always nice to review a game when it’s all done.
    3. I would also really like a won/loss record and other stats screen.
    4. I way to play a few games at a time.
    5. Perhaps an “X” through the buildings that have already been built and some other destination for the buildings you can’t currently build because of resources.
    6. Perhaps more achievements like win a game without building anything, build all 3 stone production buildings, get 200 points, etc…

    Don’t get me wrong, I love this game and app, I just want to make it even better.

    Keep up the good work.

  22. Great game, but with bugs: I can’t finish about half of my games. The most annoying one is at the last castle scoring phase when there is more construction than space available. Can’t wait for an update!

  23. Hi,

    I’ve found (I think) another bug. This has been mentioned on BGG, but only in passing. As a not-fully-signed-up member of BGG, I thought I would post here.

    In a 2-player game, I placed a worker on the Gate. Subsequently, when placing my other workers, I used up all of my money. Obviously I was forced to pass. When the gate activated, despite being told to ‘place my worker for free’, I could not place him anywhere (I was aiming for the castle, but then tried other empty buildings). It’s like it was seeing that I had no money left, so couldn’t be placing a worker, even though this worker is a free relocation. In the same game, I was later able to activate and use the gate as desired (each time, I always had at least one coin remaining).

    Hopefully, you guys spotted this one and its in the next update. Otherwise, I hope this makes sense and you can replicate/fix.

    Otherwise – great app. Amazing to get such a decent title onto the iPhone.


  24. Great port of an excellent board game. Playing on a 1st gen iPad so I’d really like to see the crashes ironed out quickly.

    Regarding multiplayer I totally agreed with the other posters.

    If I was an app developer I’d take the carcassonne MP functionality, rinse and repeat.

  25. Absolutely great!
    Long awaited and I am not disappointed! Played a few single-player-games against the AI on my iPod Touch and no bugs so far!
    And yes, statistics would be a good feature.
    Best wishes

  26. some people mentioned carcassone as good example of handling async multiplayer. i don’t have that game but very nice system and almost ideal is in knizia’s samurai. caylus devs should check out it definitely.

    good luck countrymen :) great production.

  27. I hate to come across as negative but I’m finding the multiplayer games very frustrating only because this is a very nice port of the boardgame and I want to be able to play with other human opponents more effectively.

    The major barriers to Caylus multiplayer being an enjoyable experience are as follows:

    1) Not being able to invite friends / setup a ‘private’ game. Because you are currently forced to play against random opponents there’s no guarantee you’ll draw players that are in the same time zone or are happy to play at the same pace as you. You can try to suggest the game ‘type’ in the title but you very limited on characters.

    Based on my experiences as a result 9 out of 10 games ends up with someone quitting after a 24 hour period and the game being cancelled and a waste of everyone’s time.

    2) Limited to 3 online games. This seems an very arbitrary ceiling considering other app games allow far more. Why limit a player to just 3 games at a time as long as they make their moves on a timely basis?

    3) Not knowing which games are currently awaiting your move. I would have thought this would be a fairly obvious feature and the lack of it is probably one of the biggest causes to game delays because a player must log into each game they are currently involved in (which isn’t a particular quick process) to work out if they need to make a move. Some sort of highlighting is needed on the ‘Your Games’ list for those where it’s your turn.

    I’m not suggesting this is an exhaustive list as previous commentors have also raised other points but I would suggest the above needs to be given priority for Caylus multiplayer to operate in a more effective manner.

    On a positive note thank you for the speed at which the first update has been delivered.



  28. This game look great but I do not understand English, it is impossible for me to buy it. Do you think it will come out in French?
    Thank you.

  29. My 2 cents

    It’s a great game, but still crashes a lot on iPad 1 and iPhone 4. 

    In Internet games several times a choice between seleting materials is impossible. Resulting in a ruined game. Please FIX these bugs!

  30. Flavio, yes, we’re in the middle of doing French translation. BTW, how did you write this not understanding English? :)

    Peter, we’ve seen several of such crashes, but it’s hard to guess the exact scenario. Could you send as a description of such situation to: ?

  31. Hi and thank you for this great game. I wanted to report a bug. Every time the AI build the castle first, it use only two ressources in its batch. Happens on the 2 first turns. Did anyone notice that ? Happens every time.

  32. Great App and great game. Potential bug though. Not convinced the buildings favor gives the discount when buying new buildings. I still seem to lose all the stated resources.

  33. Micha van der Meer says:

    When is the updated planned. The game is still crashing after leaving the menu and before starting the game ;(

  34. Great game, but I love to play against human players. For me, the multiplayer needs a syncronous option. Having 7 phases to each turn means asycronous games will take forever – I’ve started quite a few so far and no one has even taken a turn yet! I can see games literally taking weeks or months to complete. Sometimes, I just want to sit down and play a game there and then, with a snesible turn limit of say 60 or 90 seconds like Carcassonne. Appreciate this would probably be a chunky update, but reckon it would make the game much more popular.

  35. Excellent transformation of the boardgame to my iPad!
    If there is one thing I would like to see in future updates this would be stronger AI players. I have played about a dozen games (3-player and 5-player) and have won them all – most by a margin of about 40 points.
    The AI does not put enough emphasis on stone farms and building in the castle.

  36. Hello, And congratulation for your job! Im trying to play an internet game, but when start, ¿Where is stables? Is missing! In his place appear nothing… And cant play whithout this building… ;(
    I tried more times with the same result… And finally i decided dont play online mode anymore!
    O hope you can make something quickly, thanks a lot!
    Pd. Sorry my english :)

  37. Hi Boosters

    With Google traduction :-)

  38. ah! I just found out that the 2-player game, stables are not used…

  39. I only have a Ipod touch 2G with iOS 4.2 so I can’t enjoy this excellent game. Is it a technical programmation problem that it’s only 4.3 or more iOS playable??? THX

  40. You have a bug in the AI which allows it to cheat, and another bug with purchased buildings.

    If the AI player decides to build in the castle, and you use the provost to prevent the AI player from getting the necessary resources, the AI player will often still build the castle sections as if it had all of the necessary resources. This is reproducible in the first turn. Let the AI player get the stone or cloth, then use the provost to disable this space. At the end of the turn, the AI player will build castle sections even without the requisite materials.

    There also seem to be bugs with playing on buildings you own when the other player has passed. The game only seems to give you the option to do so when all of the buildings you own are already occupied.

  41. Feature request:
    For advanced players, it would be great to have some kind of “fast-forward” button to speed through all of the animations when a turn is resolved. Other games address this with an animation speed preference setting or a skip button. The pace of the game is quite slow as it is.

  42. More bugs:

    1. Using the Gate action space should allow the player to place a worker for free. However, the player is still charged for placing this worker.

    2. The AI will build a second prestige building even if it has not first built a residential building.

    Honestly, it doesn’t feel like this app was sufficiently play-tested before you released it. I’d recommend going line-by-line through the official rules, and making sure that each is implemented properly. All of these errors really make the game feel rushed and poorly-done, which is a shame given how much effort clearly went into the visual design.

  43. Jonathan from Hong Kong says:

    Thanks for porting Caylus into iOS. I have the real board game version already, but I still buy the iOS version when it came out!

    I have experienced some bugs, but they didn’t crash the game. I hope they will be fixed very soon.

    1) In the very last stage of game, I have accumulated lots of cubes that I can build more than 5 blocks of castle. An AI player choose to build the castle, and I put my worker to build the castle also. The AI player built 2 blocks, then, the game became VERY unresponsive. I have waited for more than 3 minutes to tap the first ‘+’ to build the castle. After tapping ‘+’ once, the game seems like freeze, I can’t wait any more, except exiting the game with Home button and start another game. It’s so frustrating that I couldn’t finish the game (I have spent more than half an hour on it!)

    2) Please check the favor granted by building Church. It doesn’t always work correctly.

  44. Hi, i just love that game and this app too. However, i find the AI a little too weak. i’ld love more challenges. Never lost a game yet even with all the strongest AI.
    i can report 1problem : at the end of the game, the app doesn’t close properly most of the time. Could you fix that ? I have to turn off my ipad in order to go back to the home page of the game.

    Thanks for this great app. A french customer.

  45. Hi,

    Great port, and very pretty; I wish the actual boardgame used your graphics and placed the bailiff and provost in between buildings.

    Any plans trying to make the AIs a bit better. Except for the first game where I was remembering the rules and trying to figure out the interface, I never lost to the AIs. Doesn’t matter which ones, how many players… Seems a bit too easy.

    Also, looks great on the iPhone, but on the iPad it could really benefit from spreading out the data more over the screen to allow for an easier overview of the game.

    And finally, please add an undo button for the favors. I lost favors here and there from either choosing an unbuildable one or pressing the x instead of v by mistake.

    Again great port.

  46. The game cheats, when the AI goes to the castle, it only requires 2 ( or even sometimes only 1 ) resourse to build. It is 3 resourses to build in the castle. This gives the AI a huge advantage in the game . It can gain favors in the early game twice as fast as a human. This gives it a huge advantage in the last round when the favors are big. This make playing agaist the ” kings favorites” very difficult to beat. There have also been some provost issues, it will not acitvate the placement the human is on when the provost is on the same placement ( this has only happened a few times ) other then that awesome game. Next update increase the AI difficulity if you can. Thank you

  47. Hello,
    A nice port of an excellent board game. Still a lot to do to make it into a great one.
    Several people mentioned Carcassonne as an example to follow they are right. The issues that bother me are in 2 areas and are all addressed in that game:

    Online gaming:
    1) when receiving a notification one should directly go to the relevant game without any navigation (see Carcassonne)
    2) when going to the list of network games one should see directly which one is waiting for actions from your side (see Carcassonne)
    3) when several games are waiting for actions when you are done with one you should be able to see easily that other actions are expected and in one tap go to the next game waiting for you (see Carcassonne)
    4) need to be able to invite gamecenter friends

    1) need to be able to place workers by tapping in addition to the existing drag and drop (see Carcassonne)
    2) need to be able to zoom in and most importantly out on the board (see Carcassonne)

    Don’t understand me wrong I like Carcassonne’s implementation but I also want to play other games and in particular Caylus. I just think more polish is needed

  48. This game is amazing and the app is amazing too. Great work overall. However in multi-player I have crashes when using the iPad 1, and also the battery is drains very fast when playing the game… so there is a need for some fixing. Can you please provide us some feedback on the crashes and battery drain?

  49. Is this a bug?

    Royal favour – I choose free stone building and then it says you cannot afford to build this?

    Thought it was free. Am I missing something here?

  50. Jules, it’s never free – it still costs you 1 meat.

  51. Hi,

    I was wondering if there was any news in terms of the multiplayer enhancements discussed previously and if there is a rough ETA?



  52. Crash report-
    When picking favors after completing the towers I picked the forth row resource favor, after having used all my resources. The game crashes immediately. If I open it again and try to resume, it starts the game and crashes right away.

  53. Bradd, thanks for reporting this bug. It will be fixed in the next update.

  54. Burakhan Özkan says:

    sometimes it crashes nearly at the end of the. it’s really disappointing. please handle this problem !!!!!!!

  55. Burakhan Özkan, we’ll be sending bugfix update for approval next week. This bug will be fixed.

  56. Game crashes during final scoring.

  57. As reported earlier, using the Gate action space doesn’t work properly. When I didn’t have any money I wasn’t allowed to place my free worker.


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