Caylus finished and to be sent for approval on Jan 9

Good news, everyone: Caylus development is finished!

Finally, after multiple rescheduling this game is finished. If everything will go as planned, we will send it to Apple for approval on Monday, so it should be available for purchase about a week after that. How cool is that? :)

What’s also quite cool is this – we included ourselves with this game. Yes, you got that one right – for $4.99 you can buy a very good strategic game with 4 real persons in it. OK, they are all AIs to be honest, but if you believe it enough, they may look familiar to four devs responsible for making this game :) Here’s a score board showing how good they did playing with each other:

Try to beat them once the game will come out :)

23 Responses to Caylus finished and to be sent for approval on Jan 9

  1. Great news guys!!! Can’t wait to play….

  2. one week, and it will be available to buy it!.. I am ready!

  3. Yeeeeaaaaah!

  4. Counting down the day’s :)

  5. Looking forward to this

  6. Geweldig! Hier heb ik lang op gewacht. Het is misschien wel het beste bordspel dat ooit uiygegeven is en op de ipad! Klasse!

  7. King Biscuit III says:

    I love Neuroshima Hex, so I know Caylus will be just as good. Can’t wait.

  8. Great to read that, guys! Hope to meet all of you online!

  9. I’m assuming this will release next Thursday at midnight, but I’m hoping it comes out sooner. Looking forward to it!

  10. I’m having to reassure myself that it’s a good thing this is iOS rather than Android, ‘cos it’d consume so much time if I could play it on my phone… So, please, don’t do an Android version./reverse psychology

  11. This is one of my favorite Board Games. Will be translated in spanish???
    The comunity of board gamers to talk in spain is so big.

  12. Don´t worry Carlos, there will be same rules.
    No te preocupes Carlos, las reglas seguro seran las mismas, si ya sabes jugar al juego de mesa, este será igual.

  13. Leonardo Rossi says:

    My new sport: check the iTunes Store (and after, this blog) every day – and more than a time! :D

    Yeah, I do love this game.

  14. good job! I’ve been waiting for this game 6 months!! I Hope you can traslate to Spanish.

    Buen trabajo! Llevo esperando este juego 6 meses!! Espero que podais traducirlo al español.

  15. Leonardo Rossi
    You aren´t the only one

  16. I thought I saw that Apple was taking two days or so to approve… guess not… getting excited to play this game!

  17. Just a quick heads up, guys. Caylus is now approved and will be available for purchase on Monday (Jan 16).

  18. The blog is cool

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  21. Patrick Rael says:

    i have been enjoying your most excellent application, but believe i have found some errors in the ways it interprets Caylus rules. i’ve posted these issues to the Boardgamegeek forum for the app:
    i believe i’m correct on these, and i do hope the app is upgraded, as it is a great app in every other respect.
    many thanks!

  22. What did you program this in? Did you use cocos2d, tilemaps and things like that; or do you do everything in C++?


  23. UIKit only.

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