Caylus coming to the App Store in January 2012



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  1. I think it’s cool that you guys rip off Carcassonne. So you can have a product without the need of being smart or creative. And it takes less time!


  2. Hai copy cats!

  3. Very nice style and graphics. To show my appreciation for it, I think I will go buy a second copy of Carcassonne now.

  4. Hey,

    I have bought carcasonne and totally live it. Just wanted to let you know. Awesome work guys!

  5. What’s the problem, guys? Are you talking about this banners in the upper-right? I think they are nothing new, a lot of images like that can be found on the internet. Here’s just a few:

    I think it fits Carcassonne’s (great app, btw) and Caylus’ theme – both games take place in medieval France.

  6. Concerned Meeple says:

    The problem is not simply that it’s a medieval banner. One can draw these banners in many ways. The banner images you provide as examples are drawn very differently to Carcassonne’s. The banners in your app are drawn very similarly to Carcassonne’s.

    This is a common syndrome in design. Once you see a nice design of something, it’s easy to make yourself think this particular design is simply the natural conclusion that anyone would come to when designing that thing. But in reality, it’s not.

  7. gosh…you even did a ripoff of the homepage. and the ripoff of the UI is beyond any denial…srsly

    how does it fell to be in the “creative buisness” when you obviously never had an orginal idea of your own!?

  8. It’s a simple shape with jeans texture. That’s it.

  9. You know what’s funny: in the board game industry, mechanics are recycled and re-used ALL THE TIME. The best ones become genres of their own.

    And people are flipping out about BDC recycling this TINY UI detail.

    These are the same people that will complain that a UI is not intuitive enough; to be intuitive, a UI needs to fit perfectly into internalized expectations, and use standards wisely.

    God forbid two games with themes from the same time period have ANYTHING in common!

  10. Lucas, you’re the first voice of sanity in this discussion. Thank you for that, mate.

  11. First of all, I cannot believe that we are talking about something like that. Come guys what is the similarity to Carcassonne? I think that if it is a good game (which I am almost sure that will be) then everything else doesn’t matter. And if a game can “copy” Carcassonne, in its’ greatness then I am 100% with it. “Might and card golden” was a total carcassonne rip off but a really bad one..

    Booster keep the effort up!!!!!!

  12. Thanks Christos! We will keep it up. Hope you’ll like Caylus when it is released.

  13. Just had to say that it looks stunning and even though there is some similarity to the brilliant and gorgeous Carcassonne design, the games themselves are completely different and everyone making a medieval board game to iOS conversion should copy Carcassonne more frequently and more closely. :D

    Can’t wait for this. It looks fantastic so far and the board game it’s based on is solid and can benefit from some automation.

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