Caylus available for Purchase (January 16)

Finally! It’s there! Caylus is now available for purchase for $4.99.

I know we made you wait for it a bit longer than promised, but now it’s finally there. Below you can find a short trailer video of Caylus (check it out if you haven’t heard about Caylus yet).

29 Responses to Caylus available for Purchase (January 16)

  1. Yes, I can see that on apps store now. I think it would be better to promote this great game to the public for free in the limit time for a few days. However, I will support this game very much^^

  2. Hi guys. Is there a link???

  3. Not available in the German iTunes Store :(

    For US Users, the Link is

  4. Guys, date is set to January 16, so Steffen, you have to wait for about 2 more hours and it will be available in Germany :)

  5. The link Steffen Zoernig posted is for the New Zealand store. It’s not available in the US yet either:


  6. Yes, it’s still 9 to 11 hours for US premiere.

  7. Not available on Taiwan App Store?

  8. Looks weird, should be available for 5 hours now… Maybe it just needs few hours to update?

  9. It’s there. Just bought it. Yeah!!

  10. it is 1:30 am in spain, and it is not available XD
    maybe it will be at 24:00 US pacific for EVERYONE around world

  11. ohhh my mistake… IT IS HERE! just bought it!!!!

  12. Bought it, but i’m only getting crashes when I try to start a game :(

  13. Dave, try restarting your device and trying again. iOS 5.0 has some problems with memory management and Caylus uses up a lot of memory.

  14. Just bought it, played all of two minutes, constantly crashes. Can’t resume game or start new one. How do you restart an iPad?

  15. Duran, hold the lock button for few seconds, then slide to power off. This helps, but the problem will probably return after about a dozen of games. This is the iOS 5.0 memory management problem. Does Safari also crashes on your device? Or any other build-in apps?

  16. Plays wonderfully! Congratulations guys. Worth the wait.

    Christos – Greece

  17. Leonardo Rossi says:

    Hey, Guys!
    bought, and already played. A bit slow in my 3gs, but a good interface (just a little tight between the gate and the castle, but not a big deal).

  18. I was super excited to see this game released, but I can’t figure out how to set up a game with my friends. “Multiplayer” seems to just open it up to the internet as a whole, and I’d like to be able to invite my friends to play. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

  19. Nope, it’s not possible to start a private internet game. However, this will come as an update.

  20. That is extremely disappointing. I hope I can get my friends excited when the update comes. I’ll check back in then.

  21. Francis: make friends with the AI. You’re missing out on a fantastic implementation of a great game.
    BDC: kudos, you have a winner with this one.

  22. I apologize for my previous comment. It’s your launch day and it’s exciting to have these kinds of games on these devices. I’ll mess around with the AI and whatnot in eager anticipation of multiplayer with my friends. Thanks!

  23. it’s still only playable in english.
    How to switch to german language?

  24. Hello

    Just to say : great job, it’s very nice, great interface, many thanks for these application !

  25. Thanks for the comments one more time :)
    As for the languages, Siegfried, it’s a iTunes bug. We’ll try to do something about it with the next bug fix update. Sorry for the confusion.

  26. I was inspired to purchase this game after good success with the Carcassonne game. I find I am having a difficult time figuring out the game play,the point of the game and more importantly the strategy for this game. Other than Carcassonne I am not familiar with how to play these types of games…seems like there are a huge number of details to remember. Any thoughts on how to “get into” this game would be greatly appreciated.

  27. One more bug: at the end of the game, you do not receive the bonus points for any gold in your inventory

  28. Karma Adjuster says:

    The UI is a bit baffling for me in parts but letting the game beat me a few times is (painfully) teaching me. I would love it there was some way to cancel a game early. Also for the life of me I cannot figure out how to restart a game after it has finished without rebooting my iPad. At the end of the game it just shows me a pretty picture of a castle and all I can do is flip through the different UI banners on the left.

    If there is a way to restart and/or cancel games please let me know! Thanks.

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