Caylus update v1.1 now available! Sale started!

After a really, really long time (sorry for that, guys) Caylus update is finally available. AI will no longer cheat, you’ll be able to switch between Castle and Map view and if you own the New iPad with Retina Display with this update you’ll see how great Caylus looks on this device (yep, all graphics have been redone).

Here’s a full list of new features and fixes available in this version:

  • Retina iPad support
  • private games with GameCenter
  • online lobby chat
  • minor improvements UI
  • added toggle Castle view button
  • minimum zoom scale changed
  • AI no longer cheats
  • game no longer hangs up when having a lot of resources

As always with an update comes a sale! You can get all our games cheaper and save even $15 total!

And if you happen to be a Neuroshima Hex player here’s another good news for you – we just added to new armies! Learn more about them on official Neuroshima Hex for iOS website.


Army of Frogs HD free for a day, everything else cheaper!

Anyone interested in saving few bucks? Read on to know how.

Well, it’s pretty simple really – just log in to AppStore tomorrow (2/16/2012, Thursday) and download the following titles:

It’s simple math – you can save up to $11! Don’t know what this titles are – check our products section. All prices will stay that low until the end of the week and Army of Frogs HD will be available for download for FREE only on Thursday. Don’t miss this opportunity!

IMPORTANT: If you already have Army of Frogs for iPhone or iPod Touch you should definitely get the HD version – it’s an Universal app, so it will work on your device. Army of Frogs HD now supports Push Notifications in online games, which is one good reason to get it. Another one is we will discontinue supporting the non-HD version and will remove it from AppStore in few days.


Caylus official announcement

It’s been only a day since Caylus premiere and it’s already in top 10 board games in almost every App  Store. Thank you very much for your support!

What’s less fortunate is there is few bugs that became apparent after the premiere.

First thing is the iTunes showing that this game is translated to many different languages. But it’s not. iTunes build-in logic did a bit too much work and misinterpreted the package we’ve sent for approval. We will try to fix this in the upcoming update.

Another problems is game crashing due to low memory. This happens mostly on first generation iPads and is connected with iOS 5.0 using much more memory than it’s previous version. A temporal workaround is quite easy and you are advised to try it. Please reboot your devices (hold down the lock button, the slide to power off and power on the device again) and start the app again. It should work without any problems for much longer.

Last common problem is the app crashing due to an AI making an invalid move. This is something we’re fixing right now and will also disappear after the next update.

Once again, thank you for your feedback and support. It’s what keeps us doing the things we really love to do. We hope that you’ll enjoy Caylus even more after these problems will be fixed.

The update will be send to Apple next week.


Caylus available for Purchase (January 16)

Finally! It’s there! Caylus is now available for purchase for $4.99.

I know we made you wait for it a bit longer than promised, but now it’s finally there. Below you can find a short trailer video of Caylus (check it out if you haven’t heard about Caylus yet).


Caylus finished and to be sent for approval on Jan 9

Good news, everyone: Caylus development is finished!

Finally, after multiple rescheduling this game is finished. If everything will go as planned, we will send it to Apple for approval on Monday, so it should be available for purchase about a week after that. How cool is that? :)

What’s also quite cool is this – we included ourselves with this game. Yes, you got that one right – for $4.99 you can buy a very good strategic game with 4 real persons in it. OK, they are all AIs to be honest, but if you believe it enough, they may look familiar to four devs responsible for making this game :) Here’s a score board showing how good they did playing with each other:

Try to beat them once the game will come out :)


Caylus coming to the App Store in January 2012

First of all, welcome on Caylus for iPhone and iPad official website! For those of you who don’t know what Caylus is – it’s a famous strategic and economic board game by William Attia, published by Ystari games. In Caylus you embody a master builder who uses their team of workers to build King’s Philip the Fair castle and a city that grows around it.

We’re aware of the fact that Caylus’ premiere was rescheduled few times by now, but all of this was only for one reason – we want to make this game as great as we can, so we couldn’t convince our selves to send it for approval when we knew there’s still something we can improve. We know we made you all wait a bit longer than promised, but we want to give you a game you can fully enjoy.

So here’s a list of (awesome) features Caylus will came with:

  • Pass&Play mode for playing on one device with your friends
  • multiple AI players, every with a different strategy
  • asynchronous multiplayer with push notifications
  • Universal App – buy once for your iPhone and iPad
  • King’s Philip the Fair portrait (!)

We hope we can still ask you for few weeks more of your patience in spending $4.99 on this amazing game. Did I mention King’s Philip the Fair portrait is included?

Also, while waiting for the release, you can check out screenshots of this amazing game in the Press Kit section. Can you spot King Philip the Fair?